Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Company Abington, PA

Our Journey to Excellence

Mark IV Kitchen & Bath is grateful for the decades of success we have seen. However, our kitchen and bath remodeling company didn’t become a success overnight; years of studying the industry and practicing our craft went into the creation of Mark IV. But after decades of hard work and determination, we are proud to be the family owned and operated kitchen and bath remodeling company we are today.



Fresh out of high school in 1977, Jack Firth started driving for a local lumber yard in Warminster, PA. After a promotion to the inside counter, he became intrigued by a tiny cabinet “display” in the retail area. He asked to attend several trainings in kitchen design and he became hooked.

Jack’s newly-designed kitchen department flourished. This success, combined with business classes he took at Bucks Community College, convinced Jack that he could successfully open his own store.

Janice moved to PA in 1983 to work at a home for abused and neglected children. She met Jack through a mutual friend and strongly supported his vision for his own kitchen business.

Jack became the half-owner of a small commercial property in Abington, PA, which included a house at the street and service garage in the back. After buying out his partner in 1984, work began on the service garage. A second story was added, an office and showroom was laid out, and Mark IV Kitchen & Bath Gallery was born.





The Making of our Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Company

Mark IV Kitchens & Bath officially became a kitchen and bath remodeling company in 1984. Since then, we’ve hit many milestones and grown as a company in ways we could never have imagined. Here’s a brief timeline of our remodeling company’s history:

  • March 1984 – First sale! A kitchen sold to friend and mentor, Fritz Neuman.
  • May 1984 – Jack and Janice married and moved into the front house. She became the receptionist, bookkeeper and partner.
  • 1988 – Acquired 2116 Moreland Rd, the property next door which shared the parking lot. Included a rental house and a warehouse.
  • 1990 – Acquired a residential property behind and adjacent to the showroom and moved their growing family there.
  • 1996 – Built a second story on the warehouse and a two story showroom that connected warehouse and original showroom.
  • 2005 – Opened Mark IV Express on Bradfield Road in Roslyn, PA.
  • 2012 – Acquired 2132 Moreland Rd next to Mark IV. Closed Express location. Expanded the main showroom.
  • 2015 – Janice ‘graduated’ from 21 years of home-educating their four children and became active at Mark IV again.


Family Owned and Operated for Over 34 Years

Mark IV Kitchen & Bath Gallery is genuinely family owned and operated. The Firth children, having grown up in the home behind the showroom, started in their teens doing tip-outs, receiving and delivering, managing the warehouse, assisting our bookkeeper and cleaning the showrooms.

We couldn’t do what we do without the backbone of our company: our family and amazing staff. Jack and Janice profoundly appreciate their employees, whose labor has contributed to Mark IV’s longevity and success. It is because of our wonderful team that we have been successful for the past several decades, and can continue providing excellence for years to come.