Bathroom Remodeling Abington, PA

Relax with a Newly Remodeled Bathroom

Over the past decade or so, the definition of a bathroom remodeling project has changed quite a bit. What used to mean a fresh coat of paint and new lighting fixtures now has endless options, involving luxurious countertops, stylish cabinets and the latest in appliance technology. At Mark IV, we provide customized complete bathroom remodeling to update your home with the latest looks and appliances.


As a room you use daily, it is important for your bathroom to be a peaceful place where you can unwind, rather than a chaotic and outdated mess that leaves you frustrated with the space. So whether you want to simply refresh your guest bathrooms or create a grand master bath, Mark IV can create the exact bathroom remodel you want.

Explore your Bathroom Appliance Options

When it comes to appliances and fixtures in your bathroom, you’d be surprised at the high-tech options you have, in addition to the classics. The designers at Mark IV are eager to introduce you to some of the newest innovations in bathroom appliances, such as:

  • Free-standing tubs
  • LED lighting
  • Energy- and water-saving devices
  • Lighted mirrors
  • Rainhead shower fixtures

The number of product options you have in a bathroom remodeling project are endless. Let Mark IV complete your renovation with a knowledgeable and experienced staff of bathroom designers.

Storage Solutions

Between cleaning products, hair and beauty supplies, and bathroom linens, there are a lot of items to store in your bathroom. To ensure everything stays out of sight and doesn’t clutter your countertops, you need specialized storage space. We have cabinets, drawers and vanities in various styles to complete your new bathroom.

Our designers will meet with you before your project to figure out your style and find options that will work best in your bathroom. It’s time to make the most of your space by optimizing the storage solutions offered by Mark IV.

Updated Countertops

When remodeling your bathroom, you can’t forget to update your countertops. New counters and sinks will put the finishing touch on your renovated bathroom with a beautiful, sleek look. You’ll be surprised at how this one feature ties the entire look together. Give yourself or your guests some extra counter space with luxurious countertops and duel sinks.

Are you ready to discover excellence in bathroom remodeling? Contact Mark IV Kitchen & Bath Gallery to schedule a consultation, or visit out showroom to see your remodeling options firsthand.