A Guide to Cabinet Terminology

Written by Mark IV Wednesday, 25 April 2018 11:31 am

Kitchen design typically begins with cabinet selection. There are an almost unlimited number of options, and there is unique nomenclature that manufacturers and designers use. Here’s a guide to some of most popular cabinet terminology.


Cabinet Construction

Framed Cabinets

Framed cabinets have rails and stiles that form the face frame at the front of the cabinet box. The frame is attached to the door front giving the cabinet extra strength and dimension. Common door types found on framed

Are You Open to an Open Floor Plan?

Written by Mark IV Monday, 16 April 2018 8:46 am

As designers, we’ve witnessed the transformation of kitchens from the place where meals are prepared to the epicenter of the home. Designs have become grander, space has become larger, and the look and feel has become more personal because the kitchen has been transformed into a place of pride that is intended to project a personal statement of style. Many of our clients want their new kitchen to serve multiple functions ­– central gathering place, meal preparation area and entertainment center among other roles. We often suggest open-concept

Guidance For Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

Written by Mark IV Monday, 09 April 2018 12:10 pm

It’s Spring (well, at least the calendar says it is…). Though we have been plagued by snow this winter and late coldness, spring will come! The weather is starting to change a little bit, and the aroma of spring flowers will soon be in the air! Spring also is a traditional time for organizing your home. The annual writ of Spring Cleaning not only provides a more enjoyable home life, it also can help improve your mood, decrease stress levels and enhance creativity, claims Psychology Today magazine.

An organized kitchen can make meal preparation more enjoyable and could help

Stretching your Renovation Budget

Written by Mark IV Monday, 02 April 2018 9:43 am

Last month, we touched on how much it will cost to tackle a kitchen renovation project. Here, we want to consider a similar topic, with a different angle. When our clients make the decision to build the kitchen of their dreams, most times dreams and budgets don’t necessarily jibe. We help our clients to prioritize what is most important to them in order to stretch budget dollars without compromising either utility or aesthetics.

The first question we typically ask is, ‘How do you want your kitchen to feel when you enter and use it?’ Materials, texture, lighting, color and utility create the feel of a room. We also encourage our clients to tell us how they plan to use their new kitchen. We ask how often they cook, and how many cooks use the kitchen at the same time. We also ask how often they entertain. Once we understand our clients’ goals and dreams, we capitalize on

What to Expect from a Kitchen and Bath Showroom

Written by Mark IV Thursday, 22 March 2018 2:00 pm

We understand that deciding to renovate an existing space or build a brand new kitchen, bath, or laundry room is a daunting undertaking. The Internet is both our friend and foe. While it provides access to every product and service that homeowners, builders, architects, and designers need for a renovation project, the amount of information often is overwhelming, resulting inparalysis and elevated levels of stress. That’s where a professional kitchen and bath showroom can be your greatest asset. We specialize in making order out of chaos. Here are ten minimum services that you should expect from a professional showroom:

How Much Should Your Kitchen Renovation Cost?

Written by Mark IV Monday, 05 March 2018 4:02 pm

How much will it cost to renovate a kitchen or bath?,” is the number one question we are asked by first-time visitors to our showroom. The response is always the same: It depends. Cost is dependent upon a number of factors that include:

  • Size of the kitchen
  • Scope of the renovation
  • Quality of materials and finishes selected
  • Quality of the renovation plan

Four Tips for Your Kitchen Remodel

Written by Mark IV Wednesday, 02 August 2017 3:41 pm


The process of remodeling your kitchen can feel a little overwhelming at times. Here at Mark IV, we wanted to give you a few tips to help you get started:

Color Your Kitchen For Value

Written by Mark IV Kitchens Friday, 19 May 2017 2:55 pm

From cabinets and paint to backsplashes and flooring, there are a lot of opportunities to add color to your kitchen. With so many colors and shade variations, choosing a color combination for the kitchen is one of the most intimidating steps in a build or renovation.

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